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Upgrade Your SEO with VPN Tools

Any successful business today has an online presence enhanced through search engine optimization. This is crucial for efficient advertisement and engagement of new customers. By 2020, annual spending on SEO in the USA had exceeded $70 billion. The method is working and its results may be augmented with the help of virtual private networks.

Basically, this tool will hide a user’s actual location (i.e., IP address). This may be done for innocuous purposes - e.g., to access a geo-restricted corporate site while abroad. Visit cooltechzone.com for an overview of superior VPN services that encrypt your Internet connection protecting sensitive data. They also have a specific application in the realm of digital marketing and SEO. Here are the key benefits.

Upgrade Your SEO with VPN Tools

Local SEO

Any search engine displays results based on every user’s location. This inhibits research whenever it targets a foreign market. For instance, if you are based in London, your Google results for any query will be different from those seen by American consumers. Here, the key value of a VPN is its use for accurate analysis of competition or ranking of your site. You will also see location-specific ads.

Avoid reCAPTCHAs

As a marketer, you may need to enter multiple search queries. This may prompt Google to detect “unusual traffic from your computer network” and require that you solve reCAPTCHA before proceeding. This is often time-consuming and frustrating. Switching to a VPN once you see the error page will solve the problem instantly.

Protect Privacy

This is the key benefit and purpose of these networks. In SEO research, you will need to analyze rival sites, especially their marketing tactics and keywords. These companies will easily detect your IP address unless you hide it. This may cause unwanted attention to your own website.

Remote Work

Finally, your team members tasked with creating a website and promoting it can work from home. Today, telework is on the rise. With a laptop and a VPN, SEO freelancers can do research from almost any corner of the world. In some countries, such as China, geo-blocking is severe. However, if you connect to a VPN server based elsewhere, you are good to go!

SEO and VPN Tools

The use of a VPN for e-commerce may not be obvious. However, any SEO professional is likely to appreciate the advantages. These include enhanced online traffic, branding, and social reach.

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